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As we reported last year, Danevych and his wood wristwatch with tourbillon caused quite a stir. since people right now journey and perform broadly throughout various continents. It is also quite decorative when it comes to design and style, These designs worked extremely well then and they work extremely well now. Seemingly, the timepiece stays out and about through it's drawn and attractive style.

The model displays a delicate line adorned with Goldust's magnificent dream motif created by depositing 18-carat pink powder gold-white mother-of-pearl, a technique that confers the dial to a plus of refinement and sophistication. On the other hand, the dial is completed with the stick in the form of hands, applied gold Roman numeral hour indexes, the crown logo of the mark, which is at 12 o'clock, countered by a Roman number with diamonds, which Indicates the location of 6 o'clock. using high gloss african american white-colored 'Swiss' dial using small moment guns,

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